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The PinUp Gals Project

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Welcome to home of 0a1abbe91339c15438445816c3b646a9 The PinUp Gals Project

where we

Inspire, Empower and Celebrate cancer Survivors!

And I share all the healthy lifestyle tips, tricks & knowledge that I can pack in to help promote health for everyone because prevention is better than cure!

But How??…

The Movie

“From Patient to PinUp” is a documentary film about me  ~ Michele, and my journey of surviving cancer and founding The PinUp Gals Project ~ a pinup style calendar & photographic exhibition shot by renowned photographer Mike Owen & featuring 12 female cancer Survivors and their sexy, surgical scars!

The film focuses on raising awareness about what it is REALLY like to have cancer and lifts the veil on the cultural taboos of scarring, questioning our pre-conceived ideals of femininity and beauty. It’s full of fun and bold truths about the reality of cancer. It’s actually very uplifting, because I believe that cancer is an experience ~ not a definition of a person, and you can quote me on that!

The actual full length feature is still in development but you can view the trailer for the short version which we won an award for below. Yay!!

We are currently still looking for PinUps ~ so if you’re interested then sign up for more info!

Yeah Michele, but like who are you dude?..

I’m an actress and a playwright. I used to help realise other people’s stories through performance and other roles with my theatre company at The Royal Court Theatre. I also used to teach yoga. Now I’m telling my story with the hope of inspiring others.

Along my journey I discovered a plethora of information about health and I want to share my knowledge here with you so that you too can live your healthiest most vibrant life! Subscribe and I’ll hook you up with recipes, lifestyle tips, and fun, I’m all about the fun!

Hit me up and let’s stay connected!

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